the value
of Acquapack®

The distinctive value of Acquapack® is a result of several key elements, including the use of environmentally friendly inks, but also the adoption of water-based glues for laminating various materials, including paper/paper and paper/film. These glues represent an important step forward in our mission to create more sustainable packaging. In addition to contributing to ecology, these glues drastically reduce solvent residue emissions into the environment, making the manufacturing process friendlier to the air we breathe.

future prospects

Our research and development does not stop here. Looking to the future, we have the ambitious goal of extending the use of water-based adhesives to film/film laminates as well. This would be a further step in our mission to make our products increasingly sustainable and suitable to meet the needs of a world that demands eco-friendly solutions. We are determined to continue to innovate and lead the packaging industry toward a greener and safer future for all.

and sustainability

Another significant advantage associated with the use of water-based glues in Acquapack® is their extreme health safety. These glues are characterized by their non-toxic nature and complete absence of pollutants. These qualities make them particularly suitable for applications where food contact could occur. The total compatibility of these glues with high food safety standards is a tangible testimony to our ongoing commitment to ensuring maximum protection for both consumers and the environment. This combination of ecological sustainability and safety is a key element in our approach to innovation within the packaging industry. Not only are we dedicated to creating greener solutions, but we also ensure that these solutions are inherently safe for everyone who interacts with our products. Our mission is to provide packaging that not only meets the growing sustainability needs of modern consumers, but does so without compromising their safety or that of the environment in which we live.