100% environmentally friendly

Acquapack® is paper or laminated paper/film packaging made with water-based glues and inks that, compared to solvent-based alternatives, are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable; therefore, they can be safely disposed of without causing damage to the ecosystem. Furthermore, they do not contain potentially harmful chemicals and are therefore the ideal choice for any packaging, especially for food products.


Solvent residue emissions


Water-based inks and glues


Print colours

imprinted on the film

We have successfully experimented with water-based printing on plastic films, achieving high definition and brilliant colour prints with water-based inks. This achievement has made our packaging range more environmentally friendly, in line with the needs of environmentally conscious consumers and recycling. To achieve this, we have made major investments in technology, including a unique 10-colour printing system with exclusive features to personalise our packaging.

in every choice

The added value of Acquapack® derives not only from the environmentally friendly inks, but also from the use of water-based glues to laminate paper/paper, paper/film and some film materials. These are glues that eliminate the emission of solvent residues into the atmosphere, do not pollute, and guarantee total health safety, especially in the case of accidental contact with foodstuffs. Our commitment to research and development continues with the aim of extending the use of water-based adhesives to all film/film laminates in the near future.